Inga Paulite


Web Developer (FrontEnd / BackEnd)

Multimedia / Web Designer

Landscape Architect / Designer

I’m experienced and passionate Web developer & designer with strong Landscape architecture qualification and wide skill-set in IT & Communication field. I have Top-up Bachelor’s degree in Web development. I’m opened to learn unknown technologies or level up existing skill-set. Work experience I have from IT companies and freelance projects. I have developed landing-pages, websites & portfolio’s, booking systems & security forms and have designed mockups, prototypes, templates etc. Capable of hendling project’s managament cycle independently. My goals are associated with development area, such as frontend/backend and testing. I’m known as a flexible, active, responsible, reliable colleauge with sense of humour. Comfortable working independently and in teams. My work motivation is - everything has a solution and nothing is impossible. And I most value happy users & customers.

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